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So, what's the idea behind this site? Well, my daughter has just started in Primary One at St Joseph's RC Primary School in Dundee. We have always been a learning family, and we constantly encourage her to learn new things. We have been buying books to help teach her the basics of literacy and numeracy, but many of these materials teach the subjects in a completely different order to the school. So that we could supplement her schooling without confusing her or doing things differently from what she is being taught in school, I decided to make my own learning sheets to match each week of teaching. When a few parents asked if they could have copies, too, I decided to put them on a the website for anyone to use. In school they are currently working though the alphabet and numbers, so this is where I have begun. As time allows and teaching goes on, more worksheets will be added. Please fell free to download and use them and let me know if they have been useful.

Basics   Literacy
Resources and worksheets for learning basics, motor skills, pencil control, colouring pages, sizes and volumes... More   Resources and worksheets for letters of the alphabet, first words, spelling and phonics, as well as alphabet colouring pages ... More
Numeracy   Geometry
Resources and worksheets for basic numbers, mathematics, first addition and subtraction, and times tables ... More   Worksheets and other resources for preschool and primary school children to develop their geometry, including angles, area, perimeter, 2-d shapes, radius, diameter, circumference, 3-d shapes, symmetry and volume ... More


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