Our advanced motor skills worksheets are designed for young children, to begin their educational journey. One of the first thing children need to master is how to hold and use a pencil correctly, to be able to coordinate between the hand and the eyes, in preparation for writing. These advanced motor skills worksheets are designed to help aid children in these functions, to give them the confidence for moving on to writing, drawing and more. To help with other motor skills, each worksheet could be printed out and used as cutting stencils, to further develop their advanced motor skills.

All our worksheets are in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar pdf reader software.

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Learn how to hold a pencil properly, trace the lines to help motor skills, giving a great grounding for learning to write. The children can also colour the pictures in. Or print out and use for cutting along the lines, to develop cutting skills and even more hand-eye coordination.

Pencil Skills, Z Shapes
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