Our digraph ng worksheets are designed for young children to develop an understanding of the sound the digraph ng makes, how to write the digraph ng in different styles, and to recognise words and objects containing the digraph ng. In a fun and easy way, children will soon master their beginner writing digraph ng skills. There are black and white versions, to let children colour in, or coloured versions to keep their interest.

All our worksheets are in pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar pdf reader software.

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Basic worksheets for the digraph ng which include guiding lines and tracing letters to help children learn how to write the digraph ng, building their confidence for writing the digraph ng on their own. There are also pictures of objects that contain the digraph ng to start them on the road to linking letters to words and objects. To carry this into the real world, parents or teachers could also ask the children to find things around them that also contain the digraph ng. Available in two fonts and either black & white, for children to colour the pictures in, or in colour.

Worksheets for the digraph ng which include dots to show children where to start tracing the letters, and extra lines for them to practice writing the digraph ng on their own. There is also a section for them to circle the digraph ng, written at angles and different sizes, to teach children to recognise the digraph ng in any format it is written in as well as a section for them to complete their first digraph ng words. Available in two fonts.

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